How to mine ZIL?

Are you looking forward to mining ZIL on the mainnet? Zilliqa is the world's first high-throughput public blockchain platform -- designed to scale to thousands ​of transactions per second. "The cornerstone in ZILLIQA’s design is the idea of sharding — dividing the mining network into smaller consensus groups called shards each capable of processing transactions in parallel". Miners will be able to mine for the Zilliqa network and be rewarded (Zilliqa Whitepaper page 1).

How to run a Zilliqa Node

If you are planning to support the Zilliqa network by running a node in the cloud, sign up for trusted and advanced Cloud Hosting to power your node.

Once the Zilliqa mainnet is released, will publish a guide on how to easily set up and maintain your very own Zilliqa node, thereby supporting the network and earning rewards.

Zilliqa Roadmap

Initial Roadmap:

Sep 2017: Released result of internal testnet v0.1
Oct 2017: Released result of internal tetnet v0.5
Jan 2018: Released source code
Q1 2018: Testnet v1.0 release
Q2 2018: Testnet v2.0 release
Q3 2018: Mainnet launch
Q4 2018: Anchor Dapp release

Where to trade ZIL?

As one of the most advanced blockchain projects to date, Zilliqa's ZIL is traded on some of the worlds biggest exchanges, such as Binance.